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Are you aware of the fact that you can now keep your loved ones forever with you? Yes, it is true! You can now immortalize your memories of your loved ones. The memories of your loved ones will live on with you forever, close to you.

Making your beautiful diamond with the ashes of your loved ones
The amazing process of turning ashes to diamond will help you keep your loved ones close to you forever. It is now possible to transform the ashes of the deceased into an authentic diamond as a memoir to their unique and wonderful life.

Many companies have come up with the technologies to turn cremated human remains into diamonds. The concept is to pass on the “family heirloom” to generations. There is no fitting keepsake to pass on than everlasting and durable diamonds. Memorial Diamonds are after all a tangible reminder of the person whom you loved and whose memory you wish to cherish.
A diamond takes thousands, if not millions, of years to form after crystals of carbon are baked and squeezed under extreme pressure and intense heat beneath the earth’s mantle. It can now be produced in just a few months in labs.

Carbon is extracted from a portion of the ashes and processed to form graphite. The graphite is placed in a unique diamond press that replicates the environment within the earth – high temperature and pressure. The more time the graphite is in the press, the larger the rough diamond results, also check this amazing cremation ashes diamond.

Many companies provide a customised Pre-Need warranty to cater for people who wish to formalize their wish to be forever remembered through a Memorial Diamond, before their death. While finalising the company to turn your desire into reality, you need to be informed and aware. The company must have a worldwide reputation and strong experience. It should treat the remains with utmost respect and provide counselling and customer service on individual basis. The ashes to diamond making laboratory must be equipped with hi-tech instruments. The company must ensure that the diamond is duly certified for authentication and quality. The delivery of the precious diamond must be secured and insured. Over all, the company must ensure that the diamonds live up to the expectations of the clients in terms of colour, size and overall dimensions.

There should be transparency in the synthesis method. The clients must have liberty to visit the facility at any time. It is important for the company to follow professional ethical standards governed by the state and adhere to the guidelines right from the receipt of the ashes to the final product. The company should try and improvise the technology with time.

An Amazing Of Immortalizing the Memories of Your Loved Ones