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After the surgery involved in removing the tumor responsible for the breast cancer, most of the women prefer breast reconstruction surgery. This surgery can help them to get the best possible shape of the breast. The breast cancer can cause severe damage to the shape and size of the breast, the reconstruction surgery can help in healing and also provide the best possible shape. Further, there are prostheses available which could be used to get the size of the breast till the reconstruction surgery heals. For those, there is a special type of bra which have inbuilt pockets so as to fit these prostheses according and with perfect shape and size. These prostheses are of two types, one silicon filled prostheses and other non-silicon prostheses. These prostheses are necessary for the women who have undergone the breast surgery, especially for those who are starting their life after the surgery. These prostheses need a firm and good support so that it doesn’t slip from its place.

Precautions you should take after surgery

It is important that you must take care of yourself after you have undergone a surgery of the breast. It is possible that your doctor may advise you to wear the post-surgery bras for better care of your breast. Most of the doctors will recommend you to wear the surgical compression bra. These are medical grade bras, and these are used so as to give your breast perfect support and enhances healing both at the same time. You can also wear the soft cup bra, wire-free bra, or a sports bra for better comfort and support of the breast. You must listen to the doctor and use these bras at least till the healing process continues. The doctors will also recommend you to buy prostheses for your breasts to look good. These prostheses are used with the mastectomy bras in Melbourne which have included pockets. You can buy an external pocket and use it with the normal fashion bras. These pockets will turn them into mastectomy bras.

Women having breast reconstruction surgery

After the breast reconstruction surgery, you can get the breast as it was, but for few days, you must take proper care of our breast. You must use the best available bras and only with the doctor’s recommendation. Most of the doctor will recommend you to use the soft cup bras or the wire free bras. The main motive of these bras is to provide you comfort as well as support. No other bras are capable to do that. There is a great variety in design and fashion of these soft cup bras. You can maintain your fashion needs while using these bras. You must take care that you give proper time to heal after the breast surgery, till then you must use what doctor have recommended you.

Best Type Of Bras To Be Used After The Reconstruction Surgery