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Naturally, human beings are concerned about how they look. This has always been the case since time immemorial. This boils down to not only a person’s looks, but also what a person may wear in terms of clothes, hair accessories and the like. Due to this a multibillion dollar industry; that is the fashion industry has developed and continues to develop every day into a bigger and broader industry.
Fashion items always seem to come and go into fashion but there are some fashion items which seem to stick around longer than others. Boys harem pants fall into this category of clothes that seem to never go out of fashion. Nowadays, due to the effects of modern language, it is common to find people referring to them as drop crotch pants. As it is with fashionable items, whether in season or not; some people always tend to like some fashion items more than others. This applies to drop crotch pants too; some people really love them while some people detest both wearing them and seeing them on other people.
Drop crotch pants have an interesting story behind them; originally they came into the fashion scene in the early 1900s. Then; they were mainly feminine clothing and they were made by designers for those women who wanted to wear clothes that were more adventurous and willing to experiment with dressing styles that were not common during that period in time. Drop crotch pants are basically baggy pants which tend to collect together at the bottom and according to the design, at the top too in some instances.
However, the original drop crotch pants were collected both at the botto and at the waist. In the late 1900s the drop crotch pants made a comeback into the fashion scene and designs were made by stylists such that men too got sucked into the fad. From originally being worn by women, drop crotch pants can are now worn by men, women and children. They also come in all sizes from plus size harem pants made for those with big figures to small drop crotch trousers made specifically for kids.
Drop crotch trousers have also been used for other purpses in the apparel industry other than as casual clothes. For a long time now, drop crotch pants have been used by many artistes as costumes during their various performances. They are desirable due to the fact that they come in all sorts of fabric from soft fabrics which make them comfortable to harder fabrics such as linen which makes them stiffer.
Moreover, they are liberating and according to the material from which they are made from, can also be fairly easy to clean. For this reason amongst other reasons, drop crotch trousers are also mainly included in the collections of many individuals who deal in kids harem pants. They are very desirable for children due to the fact that they do not restrict movement. It is also common to find costumes that incorporate drop crotch trousers during events that require costumes such as Halloween parties.

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