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If you’ve been given the responsibility of organizing a surprise baby shower for your sister, best friend or a work colleague, there is one important thing that you need to remember. Unlike any other party, the guest of honour at this celebration will be a very emotional, soon-to-be mother. Your main objective will be to make her feel special and loved. Here are a few tips that will help you to be the best baby shower planner that you can be.

Guest list
Getting the guest list right is crucial in your planning process. You don’t want your sister or friend to inquire why her gym instructor or book club friend has not been invited for her baby shower. Make sure you invite everyone she’d want to have on this exciting day. Send out the invitations early and don’t forget to mention that it’s going to be a surprise. Repeat it more than once if you feel like it’s necessary. The last thing you need is for someone to call her up before the big day and apologize for not being able to make it for her ‘surprise’ baby shower.

First, make a list of gifts that you think she would like. This list should include both useful things and a few fancy items that she would appreciate. Maternity clothes such as nursing pajamas, baby clothes and toys can be included in the useful list, while jewellery and some skin care products could come under the list of fancy items. Once you’ve decided on what to get for her, forward the list to the invitees so that they could contribute towards bringing these gifts.

Games and activities
Games are a must for any baby shower. Think of simple yet fun games such as guessing the baby’s gender or suggesting baby names. The activities can include decorating the maternity clothes or the baby attire that you gave her. Glitter and paint are simple yet great ways to get this done.

Another activity you could do is giving her a new mom makeover. Pregnant women love to get pampered. So tell her to get into a pair of nursing pajamas and a baggy t-shirt and beautify her with makeup and a fancy hairdo. This is a great way of helping her prepare for the next few months of her life.

A toast
A toast is the perfect end to a memorable baby shower. Let someone very close to her take up this task. There might be a few tears in the room, but a great toast is going to give her something to remember for the rest of her life.

How To Plan A Great Surprise Baby Shower