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Diamonds are some of the hardest mental known to the mankind. Due to this property, they are very famous in making all sorts of functional equipment as well as jewelries. However, when buying yellow diamonds wholesale, people are always presented with different challenges, especially when it comes to the purchase of jewelries made of diamond. At this age of the century where diamonds and differed scammers have become prominent in almost all businesses, it is central in enhancing high level of efficiency, both when selecting and buying these products.

Prior to the shopping exercises, the customer should be in a position to understand the four major C’s, where diamonds are often classified. With this info, one can narrow down the search t5o a single C, and end up satisfying his ambitions for procuring the correct diamond available in the market. The four C’s stands for Clarity, Color, Cut and Carat.

Clarity: They can casually be compared to fingerprints of diamonds. In other words, no diamond is exactly identical to one another, regardless of how close they might be. Clarity is vital as it enables the client to differentiate between natural diamonds and synthetic diamonds. Most of the shrewd businesspersons tend to sell synthetic 2 carat diamond wholesale to their customers under the pretence that they are the natural ones, under exaggerated prices. This is more like a scam in the diamond market. Under very high power magnification, a person can easily identify the differences that are possessed by these diamonds. 

Color: It requires mastery for a one to differentiate 5 carat diamond wholesale with naked eyes. However, with a color grade, it is much easier for a person to sort these minerals with naked eyes, or by comparing them against color chart. However, it is critical to note that diamonds are treated to enhance their color. This means that one has to ensure that the determination of the color is done when the diamond is in its natural state. 

Cut: 3 carat diamond wholesale cut is never about the side. The way or the diamond cut has an impact of up to 50% of its total value. More than often, the cut affects the brilliance and the sparkle that makes a diamond sources its true characteristics. Typically the diamond is often divided into two major parts, the crown and the pavilion. The crown represents that upper part while the pavilion is used to represent the lower or the bottom part of the diamond. More than frequent, the crown should make about one third the length of the diamond while the later should make about two thirds of the total size of the diamond. 

Carat: this is the class that the diamonds are classified into. The criterion is often based on the quality of the minerals obtained from the mines. The carat is what determines the total value of the diamond. They are often listed from 1, 3 and 5 among other classes. At this stage, a person can even seek professional assistance when selecting these products in the market. 1 or less carat diamond tends to cost the cheapest.

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