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Why Cashmere Scarves are Expensive?Right before the arrival of winter, we tend to indulge in warm clothes shopping. The topic of winter fashion is for sure incomplete if there is not mention about Cashmere shawl, scarf or sweater. Undoubtedly, one must be getting ready to pay the high price of this winter fashion statement but it is worth it.

Cashmere scarf is a timeless fashion statement that will add a charm to your personality. These scarves worn by people all over the world irrespective of their culture. It serves not only its functional purpose (it is three times warmer than scarves made of sheep’s’ wool) but also fashionable purpose.

Different Types of Cashmere Scarves: • Rectangular Style• Square Style• Long Blanket Style• Heritage Style

The word cashmere is new spelling of word Kashmir which is famous as heaven on the earth. It is the origin place of cashmere scarf, sweater, and shawl. The trade of Cashmere is considered to originate in the 13th century during the Mongolian empire.

The cost of cashmere scarf is very high. It is because of its production process which is quite expensive and also its scarcity. The Raw material used in the making of Cashmere stuff is derived from silky smooth undercoats of goats which are specifically bred for this purpose. PETA people might object you, but it is true that it takes more than two goats to weave just one two-ply cashmere sweater.

The process of making of cashmere involves a very labor intensive process. First of all the fibers of the goat’s undercoat are separated from its protective top coat which is coarse in nature. This process is done in spring molting season. It asks for lots of hard work as labor comb and sort the hair manually. These are the reasons that production rate of cashmere is comparatively low. It is about 6,450 metric tons of purest form of cashmere per year opposing to about two million metric tons of wool of sheep, also see this Danielle Nicole handbag.

During the time of Mughal Emperors, the gift of shawl used to create a bridge between the giver and one who received it. Even today it is a sufficiently appreciated piece of the gift due to its availability and also scarcity.

Now when we know the reason behind the whooping price of cashmere shawls, it is equally important to know that all are not equally luxurious. Different factors such as the texture, color and fiber’s length decides its manufacturing and sale value.

These days there are numerous options in the size, pattern and materials which are used in the making of cashmere scarves to match one’s individual fashion style.

Why Cashmere Scarves Are Expensive?