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Having a perfect vision is always something to be happy and proud of. Therefore, to ensure that you hold on to it without having to be one of those with glasses and bad vision you need to take care of it well. So here are a few things you could do to improve your eye sight.

Stock up on the vitamins and minerals

There is nothing better than improves eye sight according to any optometrist than vitamins and minerals. And there is nothing better than veggies and fruits that are the best sources of such vitamins and minerals. So always make sure that you include carrots, spinach, strawberries, broccoli and even red peppers as a part of your diet. Fatty acids rich foods with omega 3 like salmon and flaxseed are also recommended for good eye sight. Click here for more info on optometrist Gold Coast.


Exercising doesn’t only keep those waistlines in check but they also do with so with your eye sight as well. When you don’t exercise you end up being prone to all sorts of diseases and one such disease that ruins your sight is diabetes type 2 as it causes damage to the tiny blood vessels in your eyes. So keeping your diet in check and exercising regularly is essential for your sight as much as it is to your body. If you are a person wearing contact lenses Gold Coast make sure that when you exercise outdoors to leave these, back at home and switch to glasses for extra safety, cause you never know what might get in your eyes and dealing with them when you are outside is too much of a hassle!

Get protective wear

Whether you are working on a job like wielding or playing a sport, make sure that you always prioritize the safety of your eye sight. Once you lose your eye sight, there is no possible way of getting it back as it was. Working with chemicals also requires you to wear protective goggles, so don’t leave these behind just cause they don’t work with your outfit!

Wear sunglasses

Sunglasses aren’t only just a fashion accessory. Those that are specifically designed with UV ray protection are most needed in areas with high sunlight directed to your eye. This is because, when you are exposed to such rays for too long there is a chance of even suffering from temporary blindness. So whether you are going outdoors for a stroll or to the beach, make sure that you always carry your glasses! In addition to the above make sure that you also avoid poking your eye with unclean hands and keep those contacts clean always to prevent infections and whatnot from spreading!

Ways To Improve Your Eye Sight